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Our family would often come to Garfield and Bunyip, from Pakenham, for brunch or dinner and we decided to start looking for a house or a block of land as we felt the area had a real community feel to it. I wasn’t let down with that community feel when we moved in thanks to a few good people that helped us out more than once.

Garfield House started as a conversation with a friend of mine that was looking into importing green coffee beans into Australia back in 2019.

The same year we bought our forever block of land in Garfield and built in 2020/2021. I’m very proud living in this wonderful community and I wanted to name our new venture after the town and hence Garfield House was born.

After slow beginnings and many trials trying to satisfy our very fussy taste testers, we finally roasted what we believe to be an amazing coffee blend now called Garfield House Original Dark. Bags of coffee beans and ground coffee are sold in 1kg bags online. We have also just recently introduced a $10 sample bag. Bulk coffee purchases are also available in 3kg bags and 5kg tins.

We sold via word of mouth for the first 12 months, as like anyone else in business, Covid really hit us hard trying to get the brand out there.

In February 2022 we launched Feedback told us we should have more than one blend, however, our thoughts were we created a blend that couldn’t be matched, so why sell other blends.

Since launching, we are now selling all around Australia with a good trend of sales in Queensland and Tasmania.

The locals have been absolutely amazing as we deliver the product ourselves. This way we can have that connection with our coffee lovers.
It’s not uncommon for us to get a text asking “If your coming our way on Saturday... as we are running low”. So we generally are travelling to Bayles, Iona through to Drouin and Warragul. We also get the text “We are on our walk can we call in?”.

Garfield House is fortunate enough to be able give back to our community and have donated bags of coffee to some local sports clubs, a Lions club and a school committee for raffles.

Garfield House is also now at a level that we have a program in place that gives $5 back on purchases to community clubs. There are conditions, but anyone interested can contact us directly for more details.

Plus we have a discount local code that we give when we deliver to our local coffee lovers for discount on their future purchases.

The next 12 months will be very exciting for us growing the Garfield House brand both online with complimentary products like a unique black tea from Rwanda and offline with coffee vans and cafe’s as we are in a position to roast 700 kilograms a week.

We source our beans directly from Rwanda and Columbia.


Only the top quality beans are kept and imported.


We then mix a percentage of the green Rwanda beans and a percentage of the green Columbian beans, our own secret mixture, and roast the two beans for about for about 16 minutes. We generally lose about 16 to 20% in weight as the beans shrink and turn colour to what u see in the bag.


At this stage the aromas are amazing.

We bag, seal and label all manually at the moment as well. The whole process takes time, but well worth it.

These are the two premium coffee beans we blend together to create our signature coffee blend we proudly call Garfield House Original Dark Coffee.
Arabica premium quality 86+

Our number 1 quality with a score above 86 in the laboratory is this Arabica grown between 1850 and 2300 meters above sea level.

  • Region : Rwanda Arabica
  • Etat : Full Wash Coffee Super Speciality
  • Grade : 15+
  • Type : Green Coffee 100% Arabica
  • Quality : Full washed and certified FRA
  • Laboratory Result : 86+
  • Altitude : 1850-2300
Columbia Supremo quality 86+

Our number 1 quality with a score above 86 in the laboratory is this Columbia Supremo grown between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level.

  • Region : Huila Department, Middle Zone, San Augustin
  • Grade : European preparation
  • Soils : Rugged terrain, volcanic soils
  • Quality : Full washed and certified FRA
  • Laboratory Result : 86+
  • Altitude : 1500-1800

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Dedicated to giving you the very best of Coffee,
with our focus on Quality Customer Service,
Reliability and Dependability.

8 Jemima Court
Garfield 3814

Welcome to Garfield House.
Dear coffee enthusiasts,
Are you in search of a coffee experience that captures the essence of perfection in every sip?
Look no further!
Garfield House Coffee, a small and passionate coffee roaster committed to excellence, proudly roasting our captivating Garfield House Dark Roast.
At Garfield House, we believe that simplicity can be extraordinary. That's why we have meticulously crafted a single, signature blend that embodies the epitome of coffee bliss.
Garfield House Dark Roast available in 1KG bags Beans as well as Espresso and Plunger grinds.
With Garfield House Coffee you are Brewing Perfection, One Cup at a Time.

Online sales welcome
GH Original Dark Roast – 1kg – Beans

Beans (Unground)

Shop online

From the slopes of Rwanda to the Mountainous farms of Columbia we have blended and roasted these two high quality coffee beans to make our own, we proudly call Garfield House Original Dark.
GH Original Dark Roast – 1kg – Ground

Ground Coffee – Ideal for Moka Pots, Machines and Coffee Plungers

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