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John White Silversmith, of Garfield Victoria, loves a challenge.  He appreciates the methodical process behind his craft and has the patience and resourcefulness to create items of jewellery, tailored to customer demand using his grounding in art to bring form to his work.
John has enjoyed a distinguished career as a teacher, principal and Community Liaison Office for Cardinia Shire; however he has always reserved some time to his craft.
John continues to make his jewellery because it keeps him busy and doing something that’s worthwhile.  Visually, he finds it pleasing to see a finished design succeed.
John recalls his days as an art afficionado at Box Hill Secondary College as being the catalyst for this lifelong hobby.
Over the last eight (nearly nine) years he has established a workshop/studio at home, enabling him to dedicate significantly more time to his silversmithing.
Nature, such as Gum leaves, the waves of the sea and the patterns left in the sand as the tide recedes are his greatest source of inspiration.
After sourcing inspiration and completing a preparatory drawing, the process of making a pendant, bracelet, ring or a pair of earrings, can take up many hours of cutting soldering and styling until he is satisfied with the finished product which then must be polished.
As well as custom made designs ordered, John provides jewellery to Impodimo Living and Giving in Garfield.
John also offers FREE cleaning of any piece of jewellery he has made.

Contact John to speak to him personally
0400 093 644

A selection of John's past and present creations
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