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Garfield Coffee & Cars
In December 2021, as the year drew to a close, a collective sense of nostalgia and longing filled the hearts of the residents of Garfield, a charming town known for its close-knit community and love for classic automobiles. The annual car show, which had once been a highlight of the local calendar, had sadly become a distant memory. However, a spark of inspiration and community spirit ignited in the hearts of Warren Caldwell and his wife Kirsty, with the help of their son Ethan led to the birth of "Garfield Coffee & Cars."
The inception of Garfield Coffee & Cars was as organic as it was heartfelt. Warren took to social media, particularly Facebook, to express their shared sentiment about the absence of the beloved car show. To their delight, their post resonated deeply with the local community, and several fellow enthusiasts, including their now good friend James Kent (Jimbo) who also suggested the idea of creating their own gathering.
With unwavering determination and a passion for reviving the spirit of camaraderie and automotive enthusiasm in Garfield, the first-ever Garfield Coffee & Cars meet-up took place on January 30, 2022. A modest convoy of 16 cars gathered in town, united by a common love for automobiles and a good cup of coffee.
What began as a small, grassroots initiative has since blossomed into a remarkable community tradition. Garfield Coffee & Cars has enjoyed steady growth, with each passing month witnessing an increase in participants and vehicles. As the seasons changed and summer brought warmth to the town, the event experienced its zenith, with over 100 cars gracing the gatherings during those sunny months.

Remarkably, Garfield Coffee & Cars has shown its resilience, defying the challenges of winter. Even during the frosty days of the past month, the event attracted approximately 80 dedicated participants. Beyond the shared passion for cars, the monthly gatherings have fostered newfound friendships and revealed the hidden treasures of Garfield – vintage cars tucked away in garages, eagerly awaiting the chance to shine.
The success of Garfield Coffee & Cars has not gone unnoticed by the local community. The Garfield Men's Shed has rallied to support the initiative by skilfully managing the BBQ, delighting attendees with sizzling bacon and egg rolls with the support of Brewsters and the towns other cafes have also joined hands to ensure attendees enjoy a warm cup of coffee and delicious treats, benefiting both car enthusiasts and local businesses alike. This collaboration is not only about reviving a cherished tradition but also putting Garfield back on the map as a hub for automotive enthusiasts.
As Garfield Coffee & Cars continues to gather momentum and welcomes more members into its tight-knit community, Warren, Kirsty, Jimbo and Ethan remain committed to their vision of fostering a vibrant, welcoming space where residents can share their love for cars and create lasting memories. Through their dedication, Garfield Coffee & Cars has become more than just a car meet-up; it is a testament to the power of community spirit and the ability of passionate individuals to bring a town together.

Join us on the 4th Sunday of each month to witness the magic of Garfield Coffee & Cars and be a part of a tradition that is rekindling the love for classic automobiles in our beloved town. We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming support from our local community, and it's essential to emphasise that we do not condone reckless driving that could jeopardise the safety and enjoyment of this event for everyone else. Together, let's ensure that Garfield Coffee & Cars continues to be a safe and enjoyable gathering for all car enthusiasts.
Story courtesy: Warren and Kirsty Caldwell
Photos courtesy: Skids Photography

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