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Lulu's is filled with goodies from your childhood
Gorgeous gift ideas and gourmet chocolates
Deliciously assorted ice creams
Those strange Dutch salted licorice and lollies
87 Main Street, Garfield 3814
Phone: 0438 900 475

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 12.00 - 5.00
Saturday - 10.00 - 3.00
Sunday - Monday CLOSED

Lollies and chocolates for all ages

Our very first customer
Coming out of isolation, there’s no doubt we could all use a sweet pick-me-up, and Lulu’s is the place to get it, with a focus on joy, fun and making people smile.

Kids and adults alike are sure to utter squeals of delight at the range as they step through the door of the old-fashioned country-town lolly shop.The shop is home to a massive range of sweet treats from around the world, from Swedish Fish to Scottish Rock and the ever-popular Twinkies.And yes, they even have Caramilk on the shelves.

Mums, dads and grandparents will find themselves taking a trip down memory lane as they rediscover the goodies they loved in childhood, while a new generation will enjoy the variety of more modern sweets.

If you’re after a cooling treat, there is an ice-cream cabinet with favourite flavours just waiting to be scooped.

Shop owner Lucinda is happy to whip them up into a delectable ice-cream cake for those special occasions (or just for a mid-week treat). In fact, ice-cream cakes are one of her most popular products.

She can also concoct magical milkshakes – totally Insta-worthy, if you can stop yourself from digging in for long enough to take the photo!

Lucinda describes the selection as “random and fantastic” and hopes it resonates with visitors.

“My shop is a really fun space full of old and new favourites,” she said.

“I thoroughly enjoy it, and I hope everyone else does when they come in.”

(Excerpt from the Pakenham Gazette - Written by Danielle Kutchel)

Special cakes for all occasions

Those special moments

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Facebook: luluslollyshop

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