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Luna's Garfield

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In the heart of Garfield's historic Main Street emerges a vibrant addition to our town's landscape – Luna’s Garfield, a welcoming cafe with a tale that stretches beyond its freshly painted walls.

For years, the orange building at the Bunyip end of the street, formerly a garage owned by the Vugs, the Deans, and the Bows, had stood silent and desolate. Speculations about its future echoed among Garfield's residents and regular visitors. About 12 months ago, signs of activity were detected within its confines, but the purpose remained shrouded in mystery. Men were observed laying concrete floors, French doors were discreetly installed, and a container appeared at the rear – all without divulging the impending transformation.

Surprising the town with an unassuming entrance, Luna’s Garfield quietly unveiled its modern yet homely ambience just before Christmas. The creative minds behind this venture, Kane and David, have successfully breathed life into the once-silent space. Stepping inside, visitors are greeted by diligent baristas crafting aromatic brews alongside an enticing array of sweet treats. The dine-in menu boasts an equally impressive selection, inviting patrons to savour a quality dining experience.

Comfortable seating lines the rear of the building, offering ample space for prams, pushers, walking frames, and motorised scooters. Through French doors, an evolving alfresco area beckons with tables and chairs, providing a delightful space for relaxation. While Luna’s may no longer offer grease and oil changes, it promises a different kind of refuelling – one that invigorates both body and spirit.

(David and Kane)

Kane and David recommend securing reservations to ensure a delightful experience for you, your family, and friends.
For bookings, contact Luna’s Garfield at 5617 8286.

Luna’s Garfield is poised to become a cherished destination, weaving itself into the vibrant tapestry of Garfield’s community.
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Luna's Garfield
39 Main Street
Garfield 3814

Opening Hours:
Monday - 7.00am - 3.00pm
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 7.00am - 3.00pm
Thursday - 7.00am - 3.00pm
Friday - 7.00am - 3.00pm
Saturday - 8.00am - 2.30pm
Sunday - 8.00am - 2.30pm

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