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Our History

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Garfield is a town in Victoria, Australia, 69 km south-east of Melbourne's Central Business District, located within the Shire of Cardinia local government area.

Garfield recorded a population of 2,114 at the 2021 Census.

The area was originally called Cannibal Creek, but was renamed to Garfield in memory of the U.S. President James A. Garfield.

The Post Office opened as Cannibal Creek on 1 May 1886 and was renamed Garfield in 1887.

Garfield filmed

In the late 1980s the appearance of the town was transformed for the cameras to look like the 1960s in a television miniseries on aboriginal boxer, Lionel Rose, who was raised in the region in Jacksons Track, near Drouin. Some shop fronts were restored and the main street of the town was filled with old cars to recreate the era.

Garfield today

Since the beginnings as a railway and timber town, and later a dairy and potato farming and orchard area, Garfield has always been a close community, with almost everybody knowing everyone else, and in some cases four generations of family staying in the (mainly), farming area.

Recent growth has seen a doubling of residential buildings and the, upgrading of the railway line from Melbourne to Traralgon with increases in frequency of services by upgraded modern trains, is an attraction to new residents.

With the urban sprawl moving ever outwards, Garfield still maintains a quaint rural feel. Unlike Pakenham, Officer, Berwick, etc that have been over developed, Garfield is truly a country town.

Although you will pay a little more for a house due to high demand and low availability, you will not be disappointed.

A 20 minutes drive east gets you to Warragul and surrounds, where you will find many beautiful restaurants and wineries, also major supermarkets and some boutique shopping. Also the Warragul Hospital.

15 minutes west you are in Pakenham, which also has the major supermarkets and some department stores - along with Fountain Gate, which is only a further 10 minutes from Pakenham.

The neighbouring town of Bunyip boasts the convenience of a FoodWorks when you need to top up the pantry between major shopping days. Pizza, fish and chips and chinese takeaway, along with a medical centre, are also found in Bunyip.

Garfield has a strong community base, particulary focused around the local sporting clubs including football, cricket, netball and of course the Garfield Golf Course.

The main street features the pub, which has a great atmosphere, and serves a great pub meal, butcher, Brewsters Foodstore and Cafe, bakery, garage/mechanic, gift shops, chemist (with doctor 3 days per week), and others.

Over the highway is Mt.Cannibal, which has a fantastic walking track, and is also used by many "boot camp" training groups.

Last, but not least, is the Garfield Primary school. With approximately 150 students, the school is of an excellent standard. All the teachers have been hand picked to fit into the community culture, and small class sizes ensures your children receive all the individual attention required in these formative years.

A catholic school is located in both east and west neighbouring towns of Bunyip and Tynong.

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