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Sponsor Business - Buddha and Birdcage Nursery

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Buddha & Birdcage Nursery
Beswick Street
Garfield 3814


Opening Hours:
Saturday - Sunday - 10am - 4pm

Located in Beswick Street Garfield, Buddha & Birdcage Nursery offers a large variety of succulents and cacti, as well as palms and other larger plants. Bring something a little different into your garden or patio area with some gorgeous healthy plants at unbelievable prices. Or find yourself a quirky garden accessory to make your space really pop!
If you haven’t been to the nursery before, our wide-open aisles are perfect to stroll around and browse, being easy to manoeuvre for those less agile. You won’t see these plants at these prices at other garden centres. You don’t need to be a plant lover to get excited.
If you haven’t heard about the best little nursery in town, do yourself a favour and come check out Buddha & Birdcage Nursery and pick yourself up a bargain.

We are open Thursday to Sunday 10am to 3pm or call 0498 390 655 for more information.

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