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Sponsor Business - Country Style Meats

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Country Style Meats is a family owned business for approx 25 years.

Top quality meat which is sourced from the lush pastures of the Gippsland region.

Gluten free sausages as well over a dozen flavoured sausages are available.

There is a wide range of fresh and cooked products in store ranging from our own wood smoked products to our family Chunky Beef & Chicken Pies as well as ready to heat and eat Lasagna's.

Wood smoked Hams, Chicken Ham Nuggets, Lamb nuggets, Kabanas, Kranskys and Polish sausage.

Products such as the ready cooked Apricot Roast Pork, Cooked Silverside & every kids favourite the Strasburg are always available in store to try.

Salads made on the premises are available whether that be for dinner or for your next function.

Large selection of Bulk Packs are available which will save you time and money.

Spit hire and catering available.

Read our Special Feature
by Richard Cornish
Sponsor Business

Butcher & Smokehouse

89 Main Street
Garfield 3814

Trading Hours
  Monday - 07:00 - 6:30
Tuesday - 07:00 - 6:30
Wednesday - 07:00 - 6:30
Thursday - 07:00 - 6:30
   Friday - 07:00 - 6:30
Saturday - 07:00 - 1:00
Sunday - Closed

Beef Yearling Crumbed Schnitzels
10 for $15.00 or $2.50 each
Our Award-Winning
Gippsland-sourced Loaded Sausages
Full of Garfield Flavour
$13.89 per Kg
Our Smoke House Cooked
Pork Hocks & Bacon Bones
Now in Stock
Mother's Day Week
Spring Legs of Ham
$11.89 per Kg
Roast Night This Month - May 20th
Exotic Chicken Boneless Roast with
Roast Potatoes, Pumpkin, Carrots
and Pork Crackle

To feed family of Four: $45 or $25 for Two People

Daily-made Fresh Salads - Four Varieties
Don't forget to check our Bulk Packs for great bargains.
Why not try one of our Bulk Packs
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