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Dustless sanding and coating of timber floors and stairs.

We understand that getting floors redone in a family home or business is a big undertaking.
So, getting it done right the first time and on time is what we do.

In Australia, we are particularly hard on our timber floors. Our indoor-outdoor lifestyle, shoes often being worn inside, gravel from driveways and paths, and the family dog all contribute to wear and tear on coatings used in our homes. Many non-toxic finishes aren’t up to this level of wear. We only use the best finishes available from the Bona Traffic HD range. These water-based finishes are the highest quality available and represent the best value and durability in a non-toxic water-based finish. We also use the durable and more economical solvent-based polyurethane finishes.

These finishes, applied and sanded correctly, along with the latest dustless sanding equipment and over 25 years of continuous experience, will ensure your floors look beautiful when done and for years to come.

We service Outer Eastern Suburbs and West Gippsland including Phillip Island.

Family owned and operated, our pledge is to ensure every customer who hires us is completely satisfied with our work.

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Victorian Coastal Floors
Floor Sanding & Polishing
6 Campbell Street
Garfield 3814

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