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Luna's Garfield
39 Main Street
Garfield 3814

Opening Hours:
Monday - 7.00am - 3.00pm
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 7.00am - 3.00pm
Thursday - 7.00am - 3.00pm
Friday - 7.00am - 3.00pm
Saturday - 8.00am - 2.30pm
Sunday - 8.00am - 2.30pm
Welcome to Garfield’s Newest Cafe

Please come in and enjoy a coffee and meal in our brand new space.
Our story began in 2017, when owners David and Kane took over Cannibal Creek Bakehouse, which is still going strong next door serving the community with artisan wood fired sourdough bread.
Time has since proven the little store room at the back of the bakery was not big enough to accommodate Garfield’s growing demand.
The iconic mechanics workshop next door was the perfect spot to develop our offerings and bring you the best of what we do, coffee and sourdough bread while also expanding on our quality dining experience.
We hope you enjoy the new vibes here at Luna’s Garfield, and continue to follow our journey at Cannibal Creek Bakehouse as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.
We have fresh cakes and cheeky treats at the counter. Ask our friendly staff for varieties. We have a range of milk alternatives we use in-house and sell on our shelves: Almond, Coconut, Lactose free, Soy and Oat.

Please visit Cannibal Creek Bakehouse by clicking here

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